The Secret Origins of Charles D Anderson

Secret Origins Charles D Anderson

Welcome to the first post in our SECRET ORIGINS series

You can meet and greet all the members of our class in these posts which can also be found under “Combatants” in the menu. More posts are coming soon, but in the meantime, here is …

Charles Devon Anderson

Born in New York City just before the turn of the 20th century, Charles spent his youth reading deeply into the nascent field of particle physics. One day, while thumbing through a back issue of Electrical Review, he stumbled upon a description of burns suffered by Dr. H.D. Hawks of Columbia University during a medical x-ray demonstration. He became obsessed with the idea that an “as-yet-undiscovered” particle could expand the boundaries of non-invasive medical imaging beyond simple x-rays. He began a series of ill-advised experiments to discover anti-matter technology which could fulfill this need. With the help of his younger brother Carl, he built a cloud chamber in an abandoned warehouse in Brooklyn and began working with radioactive isotopes. His experiments became increasingly perilous and, unable to procure enough radioactive material to satisfy his appetites, he turned to questionable supplies from dubious sources. Despite his brother’s desperate pleas to stop, he continued on until one fateful night a shoddily constructed safety latch on the chamber gave way and it exploded in a blinding flash of radioactive light. Charles was never seen again after that night. Grief stricken, his brother left New York and travelled across the country to California where he completed Charles’ experiments, a work for which he received the Nobel Prize.

The accident robbed Charles of most of his physical body. He exists now in roughly humanoid form composed of matter that is not exactly baryonic. He has gained the ability to generate simultaneous sparks of matter and anti-matter from his palms and in combat he is able to direct the resultant explosion of energy towards his opponents with devastating effect.

Charles brings an interest in all things energy related to Classroom Colosseum including PET, MRI and CT scanning. He is currently deciding between pursuing a career in radiology or radiation therapy.

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