Brain Model

I’m taking a break from my usual posts to showcase another project I’ve been working on.

I did a few neurology electives a while back and I spent some time on the stroke ward. After failing repeatedly to localize the lesions I realized my neuroanatomy knowledge was lacking. So I decided to try and learn anatomy the fun way … by building my own brain!

Digitally of course (although I did briefly consider using a stack of wires from my basement to map out neuronal connections). I found this great FREE online modelling software called Sculptris made by a company called Pixologic. Back when I was a programmer I watched our graphic artists use programs like 3D Studio Max and Maya and so forth. Those are incredibly powerful modelling programs, but WAY over my head in terms of complexity. I was blown away by this Sculptris program though in terms of it’s simplicity and power.

I promise you I’m a terrible, terrible artist, but I was actually pretty proud of how this turned out. So I figure if I can do this with my poor level of talent, a good artist could make something incredible.

In any case, I made a video of the model and posted it below. Check it out!

(P.S. I was particularly proud of how the flocculus came out)

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